Pool Deck Installation in Amarillo

Do you have a swimming pool in your home? Do you want to make the pool area more fun and comfortable? If so, then you may want to install a concrete pool deck. Decks complement swimming pools perfectly and provide a comfortable, ample space for sunbathing after a swim. Decks also create a perfect area for BBQs, cookouts, and entertainment with your friends and family, and add to the overall appearance of your backyard.

If you’re still contemplating on whether to install a concrete pool deck or not, consider the following benefits of concrete pool decks Amarillo, TX

5 Reasons to Install a Concrete Pool Deck in Amarillo, TX

1. Affordability

Are you looking to save money on your deck installation? Then you want to consider a concrete pool deck. Concrete is an affordable choice for your deck that suits almost any budget. Compared to tiles and stone, the cost of purchasing and installation of concrete is significantly less. If you choose stamped concrete, you can install a beautiful deck with a customized look, and as one that resembles the appearance of slate or flagstone. You can also choose colored, patterned, and stained options for complementing your home’s look.

2. Aesthetics

Concrete usually comes with a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, making it a perfect material to upgrade your pool area. You can have it painted to have a cool, finishing touch or opt for a unique pattern like a sanded slate texture for a rustic appearance. Even unstamped concrete such as pavers can add to the feel and look of your pool area.

3. Sun Reflectance

Another feature of the decorative concrete pool deck is its sun’s reflectivity. Concrete is usually lighter than asphalt meaning that it has a higher solar reflectance than asphalt. This means that it absorbs less heat from the sun keeping your pool area always cool and comfortable to relax there.

4. Maintenance

Concrete is resistant to fire, rust, and rot, making it easy to maintain. You can keep your concrete pool deck in good condition for many years by just sweeping it occasionally to clear debris and leaves and resealing it every 2-3 years to keep. This will save you a lot on repair and maintenance costs.

5. Slip-Resistant

Even if you keep on reminding your kids not to run around the pool, they will not always obey. To prevent accidents and injuries, we usually add different aggregates when installing your concrete pool to make the surface slip-resistant.

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By making a decision to install a concrete pool deck for your Amarillo home in TX, you gain many benefits. Our team at Concrete Driveways Amarillo is intensively trained, licensed, bonded and with vast experience in the construction of concrete pool decks in Amarillo TX and surrounding areas. We follow all the protocols to give your swimming pool a beautiful, durable deck.

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